africa colonial

Its pushing back, some like the pendulum Contrary? when we praise and respect the equality and modern civilize that western heir and still leave and give critical for non-western, we applaud and respect for human rights, emancipation better than women discrimination in sharia law.

We were impressed for respect to human, but somehow in other hand we got some human values that Christianity was participate without denial for many claims, especially claims from ‘anti-Christian and secularist’.

When Woodberry  (2012) says  many western missionaries give support  thing for the goodness of society and well-impact, even  colonialism as a real historical fact and we know that. But now, why the openness, freedom of belief and democratization for getting impact from narrow-minded; Trump elected, “Brexit”.

One of moslem scholar in Indonesia that recently  became participant in political  it so interesting, when he back again defend the value of sound like humanity in teaching religion. Response for narrow-minded phenomena in the political condition in the anglo-american, through his social media twitter, he says some worries and put the defensive like sublimation that he still defend the moderation of Islamic view.

 “Theologically, ISIS caliphate ideas clearly chaotic and inconsequential. But ISIS will not be born if America had invaded Iraq.

“Therefore, the teachings of the Quran are: summons to the path of God Reviews those ways “wisdom”, wise. Sabili Ud’u rabbika bil Ila wisdom”.

“Misionarism that aggressive and arrogant, both in the name of religion or secular ideology, Contrary to the ethics of the newspaper-style propaganda. “

He used the term “Misionarism” as disseminated and shared or spread religion or secular ideology with arrogant and aggressive? Wow, how come?

“Something we think is right, if disseminated / dakwah (misionarism) by means of the which an aggressive and arrogant can turn”.

He usual joint and involve; for freedom of religion activities and reject the sharia law, even controversies in moslem context impact. We know there is no connecting and still divide, but this is claim of openness like our country open for missionaries in some area—it should be all of area but there are one sharia law area  as challenge and also getting  contra is mostly in national area that refer for moslem identity  so refer for those  and whose  that against of  the narrow-minded , hidebound and isolated with religion or any ideology claim.

So, we agree? we worry for misionarism too with arrogance! which one most of there, ideology or religion ? does christianity involve ? Huhffffffff


Just sighs Cibinong, 8 April 2017